Surreal Intercom Announcement

That’s probably not quite what I should call it, but I was very much taken by surprise, since this is a public school. There was a tournament this weekend between our guys basketball team, and four of the others. They had just gotten done eating lunch, when this guy got on the school-wide intercom, very loud, and started talking. This man, I don’t know his name, has made quite a buzz amongst the Alaska Moravians of late. I’d heard about him before, and I guess he was visiting to preach for the past couple of days. He said (on school intercom) that he had died in a snow machine accident, with various crushed and punctured internal organs, and that he saw Jesus, who showed him heaven and hell. In hell he saw a man crying out in Yupik for a second chance, and Jesus replied that he had thrown away his life, and was to remain in hell until the last judgement. Then this man gave a little sermon on what a sin suicide is, and how we need to accept Christ, and trust in Him, and not consider taking our own lives. This whole speech went on for about fifteen minutes while the teams were eating lunch.

I’m not sure what to make of it. I’m inclined to hold reservations, but still think it, on the whole, a good thing. But even so..!


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