Megan in Australia

I’ve recently been following the blog of an acquaintance from my former church in Tucson, where she’s writing about her adventures learning to lead worship services in Australia. With declarations like “being in Australia is an amazing experience for me and God is already changing me and challenging me in many ways,” I’ve got to admire her enthusiasm, if not her exactness. I very much wanted to leave a comment, asking what kind of changes she’s referring to, but Blogspot is being aggravating; it lets me type a comment, and then makes me put in a set of letters inside a picture for security – without bothering to load said picture. So I’m kind of hoping that her blog, like mine, follows links from other sites. If she does, or word gets around: what’s something that’s caused you to learn, change, and grow over the past couple of weeks, and in what way?

I say I admire her enthusiasm because personally, I would have shown up at Hillsong campus, and immediately began to dissect their theology, complain over their lack of proper liturgical form, and wonder if anyone there had ever read anyone beyond a small circle of inspirational Evangelical speakers/writers. Then I would have spoken too freely in class, annoyed a professor, and sulked about being misunderstood. It’s an excellent thing that the world is not full of people like me. I told Joe, the coach I was traveling with, about feeling downright curmudgeonly in comparison with Megan’s cheerful posts, and he just scoffed. But he’s old enough to be a curmudgeon as much by necessity and tradition as by inclination.


2 thoughts on “Megan in Australia

  1. I’m starting to enjoy blogs by other people, such as Megan–and of course Megan has links to other people who are interesting.
    I sometimes think I would like to start a blog myself. Yesterday I read some of Cody’s.
    I also found the blogs of some people that I knew in college, including one person who has lung cancer but has managed to battle it for years. It was he and his wife who coaxed, encouraged me to go down the Havasupai trail when all I wanted to do was say “forget it!!!” and hitchhike back to Flagstaff the next day. Instead I did go down and even got baptized.

  2. She has links? I didn’t see any… Well, except for Hillsong. I finally got that comment posted, but she hasn’t responded 😦 Maybe because she doesn’t have internet in her flat? Though people probably don’t like when I comment on their posts. I always challenge something they said…

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