It’s snowing pretty heavily outside; off the paths there’s powder snow up to my kneed, and ice beneath that. Quite lovely. It’s always interesting to me how snow means the temperature goes up – today it’s perhaps thirty out, and people are wearing sneakers and sweatshirts instead of full winter gear. I’m supposed to be going as a chaperone to an out of town game with the girls basketball team. They’re to play against the Aniak Halfbreeds. I can hardly believe responsible adults let them name their team that… The first plane left at perhaps 1, and it’s now 3:18 and the second plane hasn’t shown up yet. Apparently bush pilots don’t like flying in snow.

I haven’t been keeping up with news of the volcano, but it’s not close at all. The only way it’s likely to effect us is if the ash blows into Anchorage we won’t be able to fly in or out for a while. You know you’re in Alaska when there’s a volcano about to erupt, and people are mostly concerned for the sled dogs training in its’ shadow.


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