Revolution of Love, Part 1

I haven’t yet had time to write about the OCF college conference I went to right after Christmas. It was quite good, but there wasn’t any very hard push in any particular direction for me to build a quick article around. For now it’ll have to suffice to say what we did (as boring as journal style blogs can be – so please forgive).

I left for the conference at around 12:30 AM, December 16th. That’s noteworthy, because it’s about five hours after getting home from Christmas dinner. We then proceeded to drive (well, the friends I was traveling with drove – I don’t actually drive, making me a target for a certain amount of ridicule, especially from my brother) for 18 hours, taking various wrong turns as we went, that eventually led us over a treacherous but beautiful mountain highway, and eventually to Dunlap California, and the Saint Nicholas Ranch and Retreat center. Once there, we helped out for a bit, and I painted a new notebook cover of myself with a largish hole in my head spelling out “educate.” Nobody has yet commented on that hole, so perhaps it was too subtle – despite being large and dark red and right in the middle of my forehead.


My new Notebook - not the best photo, though

My new Notebook - not the best photo, though


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