Video Training

Today I got to have someone substitute in my classes, and sat in on a videography training for two of the students here, as well as some students from Aniak and Kalskag, which are upriver from here. It was fun – the kids got to learn about basic settings on their cameras, standard shots, shot duration (video editors would prefer a shot that’s too long to one too short because then they have more to work with), framing pictures, and other useful things from Mike Martz, senior video producer at KYUK, which is the public radio and television station in Bethel. Students got to practice taking footage around the school and nearby in town, and then had what they got critiqued by Mr. Martz. If all goes well, they’ll be taking footage of the Kuskokwim 300* dog sled race in January, and possibly have it included in a documentary KYUK will be making in celebration of this being the 30th year the Kusko 300 has been held. 

*There’s a cute quilt on their homepage


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