Odd cultural traits

I’m not talking about Yupiks here (though why every get together involves someone describing his or her dream, I have no idea), but rather Americans. I was online the other day (big surprise there), looking for something or other, when through the mysterious process of idle link clicking* I ended up at an assortment of Get Things Done (GTD) websites and other productivity and efficiency sites. Modern society is a funny thing.

We have more time and education and stuff than pretty much anyone in history besides aristocracy, and now everyone’s freaking out about having too much of everything: apparently we’re all stressed and bent out of shape over having too much time and information and stuff on our hands, and don’t know how to organize any of it; so we’re supposed to spend five hours reading a book and six more reading various articles online that will tell us how to become super organized. Why? So that we can become more productive. Productive at doing what? At manufacturing more information and software and records and inventions and plans for people to organize and filter out, I suppose. I’m sure organization and productivity are good, but the whole thing seems rather off balance nonetheless.

*I remembered how it happened: I was dutifully checking Wired.com, after reading a standard saying that students ought to “recognize the implications of emerging technologies,” and stumbled upon a link to an article about having a morning routine, because I quickly recognized that I have no idea what the implications of emerging technologies are, and neither does anyone else as far as I can tell)


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