Education and Culture, again

Fr Michael Oleska, who teaches a number of Alaska history and culture courses aimed at teachers new to the state, published an opinion article today:

We are attempting in the name of “education” the same cultural genocide as the missionary-teachers of 150 years ago. Teacher orientation has hardly changed. The curriculum remains the same. The system is still focused on destroying traditional Alaska Native society, now at the local instead of the national or state level.

Ask any rural teacher when they consider their program a success and they will say when their graduates leave the village. Ask then how many actually do leave for further training at AVTEC, UA, or Job Corps, and the percentage is usually fairly low. Ask then what in their curriculum is relevant to the 80 to 90 percent of their students who have no intention or wish to leave, and they’ll admit that there is nothing in the existing curriculum that would excite or interest that group. Ask then why this does not explain the high truancy and dropout rates.

Read the rest here.


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