Student Friendly Illustrator Examples

Because we have (or are going to have) Illustrator in my classroom, and this was a pretty decent example of someone making digital art to send to kids, for an example of how it works. It doesn’t really say how to do anything in particular, though.

Why is the music behind these videos so very, very random and annoying?

This next one is for my student J___, who doesn’t do any art in class, except for drawing little flaming hearts and skulls.

This next one goes against the automatic reaction I always have against tracing that has been drilled into me by art education classes and student teaching experience. Sure, you can make the vector lines obey you, but, in this case, why are you bothering? It would make a nice silkscreen, though.

So, I take it that Illustrator is for making vector art, and Photoshop is for doing stuff with pixels. The computer can automatically do stuff with filters and whatnot to pixels, using a photo, and you can go from vectors to pixels easily enough, but to go from pixels to vectors, someone has to do all the tracing by hand. I’d almost just as well paint the thing by hand if it’s as laborious as all that, but then I suppose I wouldn’t be able to re-size it at will, which is (as far as I can tell) the chief charm of vector artwork. Or not? I’ve never looked into vector art before – but now that I’ve said I was going to teach graphic design I’ll have to take a look about and see what I can find on it.


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