Bible Study

For anyone who hasn’t been following, I’ve been going, of late, to the only church in town. They like to sing old hymns as though they were country western tunes, and speak half in Yupik and half in English – I have yet to figure out if I’m actually missing anything, or if they’re just repeating themselves. In any event, I was at church last night (Wednesday), and got invited to Bible study tonight (Thursday… I have no internet at home) at someone’s house.

There were about 18 people there, I think; perhaps 20 if you include children. Half of them were teens; apparently the pastor had specifically asked that some of the teens start coming, since they haven’t been at catechism class. They sang some charming country sounding songs that made me feel like a terrible snob while wishing for some kind of austere chanted service, looked at a handful of verses on the assurance of salvation, and then people talked about stuff that had happened to them pertaining to their relationship with God. It reminded me of Evangelical studies, except there was less reading involved, more unusual stories (more like you would hear at a Pentecostal church, actually), and a keyboard in place of a guitar. It’s amazing how much less it bothers me to be unsure of things, or to disagree, when I am not obliged to try to agree. If someone says that something happened that doesn’t make any sense to me, I can be alright with thinking “that may be true, or it may not be – it’s not really my business to know anyway,” instead of grinding it through the gears of my inner logician and making everything line up perfectly within my own personal Theory of Everything. Yes, I truly used to do that. I think  it has a lot to do with that it’s not my church in the sense that NWBC used to be, or in the sense that Orthodoxy now is – so I am free to believe that there’s a lot of truth there, but not everything is true, and some things I don’t have to know if they’re true or not, because they weren’t given to me, but to whoever saw them.

In any event, it was a pleasant evening, and the people there were very nice. I’d like to go again sometime.


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