I miss it. There was none at my house or the school this morning. Perhaps I should start keeping a bucket of it on hand? But I don’t have any buckets. Hmm.


2 thoughts on “Water

  1. when I was in minnesota I missed rocks. The peet covered the ground so there were hardly any. Little 3″ pebbles that you could throw into a lake. Got any of those?

  2. Are you asking if we have little rocks, or if there are things like that which I miss? To the former – not that I recall; we have mostly tundra and mud. As for the latter – I usually don’t think about it. When I was in California, and then I first got here, I missed the summer rains, because they were still going on back in Tucson. Nothing here smells anything like the lovely mix of water and ozone and dust and creosote like monsoons in the desert.

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