Writing Curriculum

I spent most of today writing curriculum. It’s about as much work as writing a book, but uglier. I actually like writing this stuff, actually, and that’s probably bad for my ability to teach. In the end, it doesn’t matter how much or how well they train me – I still don’t know how to communicate in any other form than writing or conversation. Nothing new there. There’s still this vast chasm between how I communicate and how they understand, and I still don’t know how to bridge it, because I very much don’t want to use cute techniques. Same ol’ same ol’.

As much as I would like to imagine there being some Good Old Days were everything was perfect, all the students cared, and teachers got to sit around and think about Ideas all day – of course that isn’t the case. Whenever I read a biography of nearly anyone at any time, I’m struck by the manifest difficult of schooling at all times and places where the association isn’t completely voluntary, which is nearly all times and places where schooling occurs. The main difference between now and the past is that the balance of power has shifted in a lot of places. It used to be much more difficult to be a student. Now it’s much more, if not difficult, then at least conflicting, to be a teacher. I’m not sure it’s much of a gain, all things considered. It’s difficult to tell.


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