Adobe Curriculum

As I was perusing the Adobe website today, I stumbled upon a curriculum page, which includes lesson plans, worksheets, and a course outline for graphic design and web design courses at a high school or junior college level. I’ll have to spend some time looking at it, but I’m pretty sure there are assignments – perhaps entire units – that I could use in my classes. And it would be quite a relief not to have to write everything myself for a while.


One thought on “Adobe Curriculum

  1. Molly,
    Great teachers aren’t born, they’re made by the teacher next door. Borrow another’s work and make it your own by structuring it to meet the needs of your students. Now that you have a starting place you can try the lessons someone else wrote, modify them, and re-post them for the next overworked teacher looking for a little help!
    I love your blog. Alaska is not for the faint of spirit, so I give you lots of credit for having the courage to try something very new. Wish I were there with you on your great adventure! I’ll just sit here in warm and sunny Tucson reading about it! Blessings to you for making a difference to a lot of kids!

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