Student Teaching

So in three weeks and a day I’m going to begin student teaching – or at least the planning part of things. It should be interesting; I’m hoping the best. Being ridiculously concerned with the appearance of order, I’ve already started designing the required portfolio, for storing notes and ideas. It looks nice, though I’m not certain how “professional” it will be. Most portfolio type things end up looking pieced together, despite my best efforts to make them cohere. That’s what happened with the last one I made, anyway.


Perhaps I will be a teacher, after all – for a few years, at least. It would really be a little silly going to all this trouble taking education classes and getting a teaching certificate, and then to never teach. I was getting a little tired of people assuming that just because I’m an education student, I’m planning on becoming a teacher. “How do they know I’m not planning on becoming an iconographer or an engineer or some such?” I would think – though perhaps not in exactly those words. They all seemed to think it was perfectly alright that I may become a teacher! That was somehow surprising to me. I told Mother Michaela that I didn’t have any kind of career planned, and she answered that it seemed that I did, that I was going to become a teacher, and then perhaps get married and raise children. It sounded so very much simpler than when I was busy worrying about what to do with myself this past year. Maybe everything will seem all complicated and confusing again by the middle of this next semester, but I hope not. People in my generation have so many options I think we often make life much more confusing that it actually needs to be – “well,” we may think to ourselves, “I’m training to be a teacher now, but I’m smart, so perhaps I should go into the sciences instead – or computer science, because there’s more of a market for it. But then since I already have so many undergraduate courses in this one thing, then perhaps I should wait a few years, and then switch career paths then.” Why not just start out in something that’s humble and needed, and then be open to anything else God might want at some point in the unknown future? It makes a lot more sense, and would save quite a lot of time and energy worrying about possible career paths.


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