Museum Visit

*sigh* I’ve had better semesters.


Christina and Ethan, my “protegee team” apparently stopped doing art ed. stuff without bothering to inform me. There aren’t very many really interesting blogs to read, and none are updated on a regular basis. I’m really, really bad at elementary lessons with meaning – I’m having quite an unjustifiable amount of difficulty making only a single lesson plan. Some things, I’m finding, bare thought better than others, usually in direct proportion to the clarity and depth of the ideas involved. Art has so little clarity just now its thought-bearing capacity is approaching zero, and it’s not for lack of trying. We need to make a real effort to moor everything back into specifics or I fear every-thing’s just going to gradually fade into non-being.


Speaking of which, the reason this post, which I stuck in my blog in advance to record how my museum visit went, is just a rambling bit of frustration, is because the South Beaver after school program (FACTS?) is tending towards non-being as well. A friend and I showed up at the school at 1:15, and went upstairs to check in with Angela. She looked kinda tired in all senses of the word, and said that pretty much none of the kids had permissions slips because they were tired of visiting Old Main and asked their parents not to send them, so the visit was cancelled. She said that I could still teach a lesson if I wanted to, to whoever bothered to show up. Most of the stuff I can teach off the top of my head is for at least sixth grade, or younger kids if they have a lot of interest and attention to spare. Friday afternoons is not a good time to test people’s ability to focus, I’d probably only get a couple of kids anyway, and my friend had stuff to do, so I declined the opportunity. Probably not the most professional choice, but that’s what happened. I like the idea of having this collaborative pre-practicum thing, but perhaps, as Susan suggested, there’s a better way to do it.


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