Summer Camp Crafts

I’m volunteering for a summer camp next week, and have been asked to come up with three morning crafts and two for the afternoons. I’ve taught crafts at this camp before, though I couldn’t do it last year because I was in Syria. Our crafts last time I was there were:

Other past crafts projects have included a copper cross, bead crosses, a lotus book, and an accordion book. This year the crafts area is re-organizing a bit, so that every morning there will be three crafts projects going on at the same time: tie-dye, a three day icon project, and little crafts (run by me). I’m not sure how I feel about this, but when I’m being more accurate I remember that I never know how I feel about any art or craft project I teach nearly anywhere. First, some craft projects (I’m doing these over the course of three mornings):

1) Lanyard Cross


2) Sled Kite

3) Pentecost Windsock
4) Some kind of bracelet

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5 thoughts on “Summer Camp Crafts”

  1. Hi! I’m also teaching crafts at a summer camp and was wondering if there were tutorials for the crosses?

    1. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner — it’s made from nails and wire, but mine weren’t as polished as the one in the picture, which has copper wire and a welded loop on top.

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